What is Youthreporter?

The youthreporter.eu project is run by JUGEND für Europa. It's where young people report on their adventures in other European countries. They talk about how they feel, what they experience and what they learn during their exciting stays abroad. They write about everything that comes to mind, and they use any format they like: a diary entry, a report, or even a poem. There are virtually no restrictions on how this should be done -  the site is just a platform. The young users decide themselves what kind of content they want to offer.

The editorial team is on hand to offer support and manage the technical side of things and the workflow - but the texts are all written by the young users themselves, which makes them highly authentic and credible. Readers learn about what life is like for a volunteer in a Spanish flat-share community, the unusual mentality of the English, and what's new in Greece. The reporters also talk about challenges, homesickness, and being apart from their friends and family - just like in real life.

Youthreporter was designed for all participants in projects offered by the EU's Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme. The texts are typically written during a stay abroad, for instance during a voluntary project, a university exchange, an internship or a training course. It makes no difference whether the young reporters are abroad or in Germany, or whether their project has yet to take place or they've already completed it.
Judging from the enormous response that Youthreporter has had, Europe is no longer an abstract concept in young people's heads. Instead it has become a reality that they are eager to talk about and discuss.

Youthreporter is not just proof of that - it actually plays an active role in the debate, confirmed by the more than 400,000 visitors who check out the site every month.

Anti-homesickness bags and presentation

Sending organisations planning to prepare European volunteers for their stay abroad can request the editorial team to come and deliver a presentation about the platform. They can also order our anti-homesickness bags free of charge for distribution to the volunteers.
Simply contact the editorial team on redaktion@youthreporter.eu.