As a Youthreporter you tell others about your adventures in foreign countries or international groups. To ensure that everyone on gets along, there's a set of rules that have to be followed. These are known as netiquette. Netiquette is a clear source of guidance for your activities on the site and helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Fair play, a helpful attitude and honesty are prerequisites for getting along as Europeans, but also as Youthreporters, interview partners and editors.

Your reports may not contain anything that

  • is xenophobic,
  • fascist,
  • pornographic,
  • sexist,
  • or capable of corrupting young people,
  • glorifies violence,
  • is defamatory,
  • slanderous,
  • deliberately wrong,
  • or in any way discriminatory
  • or illegal.

Should you wish to quote from third-party sources such as websites or other media, you need to cite those sources clearly. Any photos you upload must be your own, or you have to have obtained permission from the owners to use them. Any people shown on the photos must also have agreed to the photos' publication. Please also don't publish photographs of young children, if they can be identified clearly. Please also respect data privacy. Do not disclose any names or addresses on the internet.

The right to use the reports on lies with JUGEND für Europa. The use of the reports in other contexts shall require the express permission of JUGEND für Europa.
The editorial team reads all texts and verifies whether they promote the European ideal. It reserves the right to edit and amend the texts. It shall not be held liable for the correctness of their content. The editorial team shall not disclose any personal data to third parties.

For more information on the use of the content, data privacy, copyright, referrals and links, and liability, please go to our Legal section.