How do I become a Youthreporter?

It's very simple. You register, write a story and upload it to the site. And you don't have to write it in German - we also welcome English and French texts. You can decide whether to upload your text straight away or whether you'd prefer the editors to check it for spelling and grammar.

When will my text appear online?

Straight away, if you click on "Save". It's your choice - either you do your own spelling and grammar check and upload the text straight away, or you can send it to the editors who will do it for you. In that case, click on "Please edit my article" under the field in which you've typed your text. The team will read and edit your text as quickly as possible and upload it to the site.

Will I get feedback on my text?

We'll certainly get in touch if we feel like we need to make major changes - for instance, if you've breached our netiquette or your text has a lot of spelling and grammar issues. Otherwise, your text will appear online as you've written it. Other users, registered and unregistered, can use the comment function to respond to your text, describe similar experiences they've had, and tell you what they thought of your report. Friends and family members, too, can comment or leave a note on users' walls if they want to reach out directly to you or other users.

Do I have to write my text alone?

If you prefer to write a text jointly with others, feel free to team up with someone. Note down your experiences, produce a report plus photos, or talk about new friends you've made.

How do I add photos?

You can add any number of photos to your report. Once you've written your text, upload your photos to the youthreporter server. They will appear under your text in a gallery.
Please make sure that your pictures are yours to publish, meaning that you took the pictures themselves and everyone who's in them has agreed to your uploading them to the site.

What is geotagging?

Geotagging allows you to mark the place where you are on the map with a little flag. Other users can see where you are at that moment and you can look for other Youthreporters nearby.

Geotagging on youthreporter.eu is fast and simple:

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to MYouthreporter and click on "Set location".
  3. Select the right country.
  4. Look for your location on the map and right-click to set your location.
  5. Click on "Save". Done!

How can I add friends?

That's easy.

  1. Log in and go to the profile of the person you wish to add.
  2. Beside their profile picture you'll see a link entitled "Add as friend".
  3. Click on it to open a new window. Now check your friend request and add an optional message.
  4. Click on "Send".
  5. Your contact will pick up the request in their MYouthreporter area and confirm it. And then you're friends!

There's a list of all your friends in your profile and in MYouthreporter.

How can I tell my friends about my reports?

Use Tell-a-friend to let your friends and family know automatically when you've uploaded a new report to the site.

To use Tell-a-friend, go to MYouthreporter and create a list of the e-mail addresses of all friends, family members, acquaintances or other followers to whom you want to send a notification. You only have to do this once. Everyone on that list will then be automatically sent a notification once you've uploaded a new text.

And this is how it works:

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to MYouthreporter and click on "Tell-a-friend".
  3. Enter an e-mail address and click on "Add".
  4. The address should appear in the list below. Next time you upload a text, an automatic notification will be sent out to every address on the list.
  5. To delete an address, just click on "Delete" beside the address in question.

The notifications contain a direct link to your report. Use this function to ensure that your friends and family don't miss any reports!

Where can I get help?

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact the editorial team. We can also help if you want to change your username or delete your profile on youthreporter.eu.
Give us a call on +49 (228) 207 27 29 or e-mail us on redaktion@youthreporter.eu.