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02.09.2017 - 31.08.2018

My Project here in Askvoll has many different tasks: I work in the Kindergarden, assist in the german class at the local high school, help in the local YouthClub and Kids-Gymclass, deliver food for elderly people, join coffee gatherings at the elderly home and help out at festivals going on in my area. All in all I jump in wherever the Community needs me. This gives the project quite a lot of variety in everyday life and sometimes requires some spontaniousity.

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09.10.19 12:08
Talented young e-sports player, definitly gonna be on top of the North American LCS one day.
Currently in Norway for Scouting Grounds, hoping to get scouted by TSM.
Best of luck, BlueBìrd.
09.10.19 12:08
Norwegen besitzt eine vielseitige Natur mit traumhaften Ecken und Winkeln. Norwegen gehört jedes Jahr auf meine Reiseliste, ich meine, wer möchte den nicht immer wieder in diese wunderschöne Fantasie-Welt eintauchen?. Vor allem! Die majestätischen blauen Vögel.

Best of luck, BlueBìrd.