09.10.19, 12:08
amazing reflection!
Hanna B
07.01.21, 11:52
You probably don't know that I read this a few days after you published hahah.. someone snitched. I don't know why, probably 'cause i'm feeling kinda down lately and 'cause i should be styudying, but today I wanted to re-read it. I remember that I had mixed feelings when I first read this, 'cause I didn't want to be anyone's challenge -and I still don't want to. But today, when I read, I actually really liked what you said and specially how you said it. Look Hannah, I am actually very sorry to hear that I made you -and probably a lot of other people- unconfortable because of how I behaved, and I am sure that I still do. I have an ego problem that I'm sure also has a lot to do with this stupid masculinity... You know I love social and political issues, and I looooove to discuss about them, but a lot of times it actually becomes more of me trying to put other people down to feel better about myself. And that's a very shitty way to treat others (and myself). I did try to find your edges, as everyone elses, but it was never my conscious goal to do so, I actually just wanted everyone to see how smart I am. I feel ridiculous writting this, but it's the truth, 'cause I might not remember exactly how I did it, but I know that I sometimes still behave the same way. I know that I am good at discussing, but that does not mean I'm right, 'cause it's especially when someone like you that threatens my intelligence, that I become more aggressive and use every discursive tool I know to try to destroy them, feeling better about myself (wow). I should embrace my vulnerability and actually value when I find that I'm not as sure about some things as I thought, but it's not easy for me, even though I really think that I improved, and that I am in the right path. Well, I think that's pretty much what I have to say about this, even though I'd really love to meet you again some other day and be able to re-meet you, anb re-meet our past selves. I hope you are okay. Best wishes, that guy from bulgaria