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25.08.2016 - 24.08.2017

Hi everyone! I am Alisa from Germany and I am currently doing my European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Norway. More precisely in Nordfjordeid, a little town with around 3000 inhabitants, which is located at the end of the Eidsfjorden, an arm of the main Nordfjorden. There I work for my host organisation Eid Frivilligsentral with three other volunteers from all over Europe. My tasks are very different and change from time to time. Summarized I work for the local school (canteen, instruction, full-day care), the opera (hosting, backstage), Frivilligsentralen (administration, knitting group, International Cafe) and the community of Eid (dinner driving, events). As you can see, it is a very versatile project and promises a lot of fun. Follow me through my project and discover Norway with me!

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