2nd idea competition of the European Solidarity Corps on youthreporter.eu

Words, pictures, video wanted - My sustainable ESC
2nd idea competition of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) on youthreporter.eu

Words, pictures, video wanted - My sustainable ESC
2nd idea competition of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) on youthreporter.eu

Sustainability is a subject that has gained enormous significance in recent years, largely due to growing challenges such as poverty, pollution and not least climate change. A rising number of people are calling for us to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle – meaning, not just to think of ourselves, but to consider how what we do impacts on others and on the environment, and the implications of our actions for the future as well as for the present. In other words, sustainability involves taking responsibility. Sustainability plays a strong role for the European Solidarity Corps, too. That’s why we want to hear your ideas. Tell us all about your “sustainable ESC”!

Do you feel strongly about European solidarity? Did you create a herb garden during your ESC project? Are you planning a tree-planting campaign? Maybe you’re teaching children about sustainable lifestyles, or you ran an upcycling course during your placement. Our idea competition is the perfect opportunity to tell us and the world about these and other ideas, some of which may already be a reality.

Submit your idea to the second idea competition on youthreporter.eu in one of three formats (text, photo reportage, or video). Simply choose the format you feel most comfortable with – it’s the idea that counts. The winning entries will be rewarded with an Interrail ticket.

Tell us a story, either using text or a visual medium such as photo reportage or video. As for the subject matter, the sky is the limit. And remember: your submission does not have to be perfect! Sometimes it’s the simple things – and the attitude behind them – that do the trick. After all, everyday actions often translate into new perspectives.

Share your sustainable moments!

The online platform youthreporter.eu is looking for the best ideas around “My sustainable ESC”, presented as a text (in English or German), as a photo reportage or a brief video clip. The 2020 competition is open to adolescents and young adults aged 13 to 30 from anywhere in Europe who wish to share their own experiences or imagined stories.

This is how it works:

Register with or login to youthreporter.eu and upload your entry by 31 May 2020. To express your ideas, you can use one of three formats:
- Wort_story
- Video_Clip

If you wish to submit a text, please write it in English or German. It should not exceed 3,000 characters (incl. blanks). Texts and articles that were already submitted to previous youthreporter.eu competitions will not be accepted.

By this we mean a brief series of photographs accompanied by a short text. You submit one or two good-quality photos and add a text (in English or German) detailing what your idea is all about. Image size should not exceed 2 MB and your text should be as short as possible, but no longer than 1,000 characters (incl. blanks).

Your video clip (with English or German voiceover) should be no longer than 60 seconds. Please upload it to YouTube and send us the link.

Selection and prizes
Your submission will be immediately uploaded to youthreporter.eu where it can be seen by your friends and any visitors to the site. An independent jury will select the final group of winners in June 2020. The winners in each of the three categories will be announced straight after.

Four equal prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories. Your text, photo reportage or video clip may earn you an Interrail ticket worth EUR 370.

The submission deadline is 31 May 2020.

Who can take part?

The competition is open to young people from all over Europe who are aged 13 to 30 and are in the middle of or have completed a European Solidary Corps (ESC) placement. 

Any questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Just send us an e-mail to redaktion@youthreporter.eu. Karoline Becker, Maren Harperscheidt and Jan-Mike Singer from the editorial team are there to help.