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13.08.2018 - 15.05.2019

Projekt in Norwegen Stella Polaris is an independant theatre group situated in the south of Norway. The group was founded in 1985 by Merete Klingen and Per Spildra Borg and has been operating on an all year basis since. Productions span from small scale inndoor productions to large scale outdoor events. We are inspired by medieval theatre, sircus acts and the folklore of cultures inside and outside Scandinavia. We offer workshops in sircus and theatre skills to children and young adults, and run a theatre for children from the age of 7. Our performances can be shown anywhere where there is a crowd - outdoor or indoor, day or night. At our base on the coast of Vestfold, we organize a youth group and a summer school for ages 7 to 70 every year in June. The summer school culiminates in a large scale performance outdoors combined with a Viking festival and generally attracts more that 1000 visitors who spend the day with us and the students. Stella Polaris Opplevelser, our mother org. employ 7 people on a steady basis and hire frelancers as needed for performances . The theater is financed by a combination of different public funding, The National Dept. of Culture, The County of Vestfold and the Community of Sandefjord in addition to funds generated by playing for private arrangers throughout the south of Norway. Our work is also asked for at theaters and communities working with young people outside of Norway, often funded by cooperations with other institutions like ourselves through the Norway Grants, EEA grants. We are host theatre students from The Vasa School of performing arts in Finland every year, and our permanent staff is multicultural as well as gender balanced. At our headquarter we are in charge of integration projects for children and young people in the neighbourhood with multicultural background. They engage in outdoor activities and have a "home away from home" with the theatre and our productions. This work is financed by the Community of Sandefjord and is an ongoing, all year round project.

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