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05.08.2016 - 05.08.2016

The "Fondation des fermes communautaires libres" which owns the farms, decided to carry out this EVS project in order to put its 20 years of experience in service of the young European Volunteers. In the farms of the foundation many young and international people already volunteered and by directly using their hands and intellect learned how to live in a more sustainable way. The Foundation also decided to carry out this project because of it's awareness that the world is in a deep ecological and systemic crisis and because of this new functioning, alternative models need to be created and experimented. Not only the farms foster a sustainable organic and ecological way of producing food, but the "Maison en Paille" (the straw-bale house) hosts courses and seminars on health, well-being, education and permaculture with the aim of fostering a bigger and deeper awareness of the changes that need to be done in order to live sustainable on the planet. The tipi village is also hosting workshops: bow building, wild basketry and rope handycraft with material from the forest nearby with simple tools.

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