19.10.19, 00:11
There is a huge difference between Schengen visas and Russian visas what effectly makes it possible for tourists to acquire a 3-5 year multi entry visa to the Schengen area. Itis is not reciprocal. I believe it is Russia who has to ease their visa regime
Gert Hansen
24.11.19, 09:27
I have done my turistic Visa Portugal - Russia - Portugal in a 5 days stay. It was average complex and around 150 euros cost . The new Leningrad region E-Visa is a good tool for EU ( excluding some coutries , check here for details : https://m.fontanka.ru/2019/09/27/128// ) the same should be available for EU ( Portugal ) since it’s a very turistic dependent country with good prices . The future should follow a bilateral sort of e-visa for this situation. At www.barros.one in contact , help and time saving tips can be addressed for Russian citizens. Barros

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